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Lavender + Chamomile 3-in-1 Oil


Image of Lavender + Chamomile 3-in-1 Oil

Infused with locally sourced organic lavender and chamomile flowers, this 3-in-1 Oil is a serious multi-talker & aromatherapeutic experience. It can be used to oil cleanse skin, soothe & hydrate as a face serum, and smooth & boost your hair’s shine.

Great for even the most sensitive skin.

Locally sourced *chamomile and *lavender flowers, *extra virgin olive oil, *apricot kernel oil, *cold-pressed hexane-free jojoba oil, *cold-pressed hexane-free grapeseed oil, *argan oil, *lavender essential oil, *Vitamin E oil, *peppermint essential oil, *roman chamomile essential oil

*Certified Organic