1% Project

Pure Kindness Sustainable Wellness

1% Project


Pure Kindness Minimalist Beauty donates 1% of every purchase to support local, community-based projects & organizations that foster environmental health & stewardship, as well as community.


The larger goal of the 1% Project is to start a movement in our county where small business owners join together and donate 1% of their profits to create the healthiest & happiest communities possible.


We will continue to update this page to highlight projects and organizations that you are supporting with your purchase.



Environmental Working Group (EWG)

Charles A. Melton Arts & Education Center

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society Tree Tenders Program


Restore Our Roots (Downingtown)

School Supplies for kids K-12 to the Coatesville Back-to-School Initiative 

United Way of Chester County

Communities That Care of Greater Downingtown